Friday, 29 December 2006

Mannings Heath, Horsham, Christmas 2006

Staying in Mannings Heath near Horsham for Christmas. The local custom here is to buy in minipins of real ale to drink at home over the festive season. What a good idea!

We went over to King's brewery and picked up a polypin and to the Beer Essentials (see 25th November) for a couple of minipins. All of this was, of course, chosen and ordered in advance.

The boxes were set up in the kitchen and left to settle for a couple of days, all the beer being sedimented.

Arundel Gold (4.2%): Usually a lovely slightly hoppy bitter with a beautiful aftertaste, this was disappointing as it never really settled.
King's Horsham Best Bitter (3.8%): A good drinking beer as it's not too strong, with a slightly earthy taste that disappears after the first mouthful.
Dark Star Festival (5.1%): Usually called Essential Beers Festival when I drink it, this is one of my favourite beers of all time and it was fantastic to be able to get up and drink it for breakfast in my pyjamas. Which I only did once.

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