Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Malt Shovel, Horsham 2nd December 2006

Managed to taste four of the seven real ales this pub had to offer:

Black Sheep Best Bitter (3.8%): Fairly tasteless bland bitter. Not very impressive, I actually struggled to finish my half, which doesn't happen often.
Brakspear Bitter (3.5%): Even more tasteless than the Black Sheep. Was glad I was only tasting someone else's drink as I couldn't have drunk much of this. Dull and lifeless.
Grand Union Liberty Blonde (4.2%): Bland but not nearly as bad as the others so far. Slightly spiced in flavour and, as the name suggests, pale yellow in colour.
Adnams Broadside (4.7%): Solid tasting decent pint. There was still a hint of the tasteless beer about it, but drinkable nonetheless.

We decided to move on after this as the beers really didn't seem to be up to much. I'd love to work out why sometimes all the beers are great here, and other times they're all a bit tasteless. Never experienced this before.

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