Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Lynd Cross, Horsham 2nd December 2006

So we popped into the local Weatherspoon's on the way past to see what they had to offer.

Smile's Holly Hops (4.8%): Extremely cold, dark beer. Tasted of burnt toffee, chocolate and maybe a hint of cinnamon. Was an interesting flavour once it warmed up. The website says this beer is 5.0% and dead, so maybe it has recently been ressurected for the season.
Cotleigh Red Nose Reinbeer Xmas Ale (5.0%): Despite it's name and appearance this tasted like stout. In spite of it's name, there was not a hint of any Christmassy ingredients. Good beer but unexpectedly like stout.

I have to say the beers here were better than those at the Malt Shovel, although, as usual for Weatherspoon's, far too cold.

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