Friday, 29 December 2006

Bishops Finger, Smithfield Market 13th December 2006

Visited this pub on the corner on Smithfield Market near Farringdon with a large group of people. A Shepherd Neame pub, it had four real ales on and, of course, I managed to sample them all.

Shepherd Neame Late Red (4.5%): A very tasty red bitter served at just the right temperature. Yum.
Shepherd Neame Masterbrew (3.7%): Flatter than the Late Red but with a complex aftertaste. Interesting, especially as I thought I didn't like this beer.
Shepherd Neame Spitfire (4.5%): Surprisingly flavourless after the others, which shows how good they were rather than showing this one up, I think.
Shepherd Neame Bishop's Finger (5.0%): Again, this one tasted a little flat, but still a decent pint served at the right temperature.

I inadvertently started with the best beer which made the others taste not so good. An excellent range of excellent beers kept in excellent condition. The pub was too crowded for my liking and had a little too many "traditional" effects, but I could not fault the beer.

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