Friday, 29 December 2006

The Malt Shovel, Horsham 23rd December 2006

As I'm staying in the area for Christmas, I popped down to the Malt Shovel to hear the band that was on, the Okee Dokee Band. The band was excellent (although four of the six band members played the guitar at some point - is it a competition?) and there were seven draught ales to be tasted. Everything was set for a good evening!

Rebellion Sleighed (4.2%): So light in colour it looks like lager, but tastes delicious. A delightful hoppy beer although only tastes about 2.8%.
Brakspear bitter (3.4%): Tangy, slightly sharp bitter, as last visit, tastes ok.
Three B's Santa's Skinful (4.0%): Dark, warm and syrupy beer. Not great.

B & T Turkey's Trauma (4.3%): Standard, plain bitter. Nothing bad about it but nothing good. Nothing Christmassy either.
Springhead Rudolph's Ruin (4.1%): Again, plain tasting with nothing special about it. I could, however, imagine it going down very well with some roast beef. Maybe that's all the beer I've drunk.
Thwaite's Good Elf (4.9%): Very yummy, full bodied dark beer. Doesn't taste as strong as it is, dangerous sort of beer. Glad I only got a half in that respect.
Bazens' Santa's Reinbeer (4.3%): Almost tasting of perfume, this beer reminded me of the delicate sweet flavour of whisky. An interesting light beer.

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