Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Ruskin House, Croydon 12th November 2006

Was invited to the Sunday night folk and blues club at Ruskin House, the Trade Union and Labour Movement Centre on Coombe Road in Croydon.

Never having been there before, my first concern was, naturally, the availability of a decent pint.

Not only was the barman not able to supply us with any beer, he had neither sparkling water nor lemon which was my second choice. However, after a small glass of soda water, I was promised some real ale within the half hour.

Sure enough, both Courage Best (4.0%) and Flower's IPA (3.6%) appeared within the timeframe. Not being a Courage fan I opted for the the IPA. It was drinkable but not great.

This agrees with my experience with private members' clubs to date, so I'm looking forward to breaking the stereotype at some point.

The club was good though and I can't fault the friendliness of the guy behind the bar.

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