Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Beer Essentials, Horsham 25th November 2006

Popped into the beer shop in Horsham to pick up some take-away ale.

Of the choices available, I managed to shortlist four. We decided to buy two bottles of four pints each, so the choice had to be narrowed from four to two. Naturally, tasting was the only way.

Cottage Frosty Wippet (4.2%): Incredibly delicious beer. This one's made the top two.
Cottage Deltic Diesel (4.7%): The initial taste wasn't so good but it definitely got better with drinking. In the end glad it ran out before we had to choose whether or not to buy any.
Essential Beers Festival (5.0%): A local classic. One of my favourite beers of all time. But as I know it well, am going to give something else a try this time.
Arundel Gold (4.2%): As it is likely there will be some around at Christmastime, thought I should give it a try just to make sure it passes the test. And damn fine beer it was.

So the Wippet and the Gold were bought and sampled in greater quantities. Both were excellent bitters and very drinkable. What an excellent shop!

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