Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Dun Horse, Mannings Heath, Horsham 26th November 2006

Walked round to the local from where I was staying. This was a large friendly pub in the village offering food, real ale, live music and an open fire. The beers were on gravity which is pretty unusual in a village local.

Timothy Taylor Landlord (4.3%): Slightly flat but I guess this is to be expected from a gravity pint. Otherwise tastes like Landlord, perfectly acceptable bitter.
Fuller's London Pride (4.1%): A little sharper than the Landlord and distinctly colder too. Strange as the two barrels were sitting next to each other. Either due to the temperature or maybe the beer itself, this seemed to have much less flavour than the Landlord. Still a good pint.

It became obvious during the second round that the Landlord had reached the end of its useful life. The barman was extremely quick to change the pint by tapping the new cask, and sure enough, the beer quality significantly improved. Shame it wasn't so obvious the first time round or I'd probably have beer even more complimentary.

During the afternoon, the staff introduced us to the dog (Barney) and we were made to feel very welcome. A cozy and pleasant pub.

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