Monday, 9 April 2007

The Globe Inn, Aberdeen 17th April 2007

On business in Aberdeen for a couple of days so thought it only right to test the local beer emporia, starting at the first place we found that was listed in my old Good Beer Guide.

The barman was possibly the friendliest and most knowledgeable barperson I've ever met. He was able to discuss the finer details of real ales, lagers and the selection of whiskies available at the bar. He posed for photos, showed us where other good pubs were on our map and I also heard him discussing with some other customers more details about wine than I will ever know.

Unfortunately the beer selection was rather more disappointing.

Belhaven Best (3.5%): Advertised on the pump clip as "Served extra cold; the cream of Scottish beer", I wasn't looking forward to this. All I can say is that it was better than Tetley's or John Smiths.
Greene King Abbot Ale (5.0%): I came all the way to a real ale pub in Aberdeen, and the only real real beer they've got is this? Well this or IPA from the same brewer. It tasted like fairly good strong beer.
InBev Peeterman Artois (4.2%): This was an interesting find. Made InBev (spot the Stella connection) it's a mass produced wheat beer. Very fruity and full flavoured, without doubt the best mass produced superchilled beer yet. In my opinion of course.

The Greene King beers were in evidence because they have recently bought the Belhaven brewery, to whom the pub belonged. But it's all ok because GK say they are not going to touch the brewery. Nobody panic. Much.

I came back later in the evening and tried Belhaven St Andrew's Ale (4.9%), a very pleasant rounded pint with more chewy malt flavour than hoppiness. A music session was in full swing with six fiddles, two 'cellos, a low whistle and a piano. The music was good and the musicians were obviously accomplished.


  1. Marshall9:23 pm

    Very kind words Ruth, thanks very much. Made me feel all warm inside ;)

    Marshall x

  2. Just like the beer xx