Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Prince of Wales, Aberdeen 17th April 2007

The barman in the Globe and the bar manager at the hotel both recommended this pub, so as soon as my boss had finished talking buisness over dinner, I headed out (alone) to find it.

I got several stares as I went in and didn't at any time feel comfortable in this pub, but there were eight beer pumps, each with a different real ale on. At last, some local beers to try!

Inveralmond Prince of Wales (4.2%): Presumably brewed specifically for this pub it seemed right to start with here. Disappointingly bland with not much to like or hate.
Highland Orkney Best (3.6%): Delightful light and sweet delicate beer with hints of elderflower.
Fyne Ales Avalanche (4.5%): Lovely fruity, hoppy taste to this pale ale. Excellent beer.

There were a few more beers I'd have liked to try but the atmosphere was not conducive to serious beer study, so I left.

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