Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Hand In Hand, Brighton 6th April 2007

So we've come to Brighton for the day. We've had a ice cream and been for a ride on Volks Electric Railway and now it's time to hit the pubs to see what the beer's like here.

As it was near the sea front, we started at the Hand In Hand where Kemptown beers are brewed on site. According to the side of the pub it's the oldest brewery in Brighton and according to the Good Beer Guide it started in 1989. If the beer stays this good I hope it continues.

Kemptown Ye Olde Trout (4.5%): Dark gold well balanced hops and malt.
Kemptown Kemptown (4.0%): Has that distinct taste of an excellent hoppy Sussex brew about it. Very fine indeed. The best beer of the day.
Kemptown Dragon Blood (5.2%): Looks pretty much like cranberry juice - red/pink colour with a small white head. Tastes about 3.4% so at 5.2% this is a little weightless and very dangerous.

Simon the manager and brewer is leaving in December this year so visit soon to be sure of an excellent pint.

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