Monday, 9 April 2007

The Crown, Axbridge, near Cheddar 7th April 2007

Driving to a gig nearby, we needed to find somewhere for a pint and some lunch, and we happened to pass this pub advertising a beer festival. With that promise we could hardly drive past so we stopped for refreshment.

Cheddar Potholer (4.3%): Very refreshing but bitter beer.
Sharp's Doom Bar Bitter (4.0%): Mellow and well rounded smooth bitter with hints of honey. Lovely.
Cotleigh Kookaburra (4.4%): Strange bitter taste to this beer made with Australian hops that has an excellent aftertaste. Needs to be drunk slowly to enjoy the best flavour.
Sharp's Will's Resolve (4.6%): Very bitter hoppy beer but with a pleasant taste.
Cotleigh 25 (4.0%): Again very bitter.
Cotleigh Snowy Ale (5.0%): Tried a stronger beer to try to get away from the bitter hoppy taste. This was better, with a rounded flavour, stronger than it tasted and served a touch cloudy.
I think the beer festival was an attempt to put the Cotleigh and Sharp's beers head to head in a tasting competition. We were given score cards and I was able to mark a few beers. I may yet win the prize draw although I didn't get as far as finding out what the prize was.

Certainly in my book the Sharp's had it.

The food was fine and from a fairly standard pub menu. I shall certainly visit again if I find myself in the vicinity. A good find.

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