Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Welton's Brewery "Old Friday Beer Festival" 6th October 2006

Got invited down to Horsham again this week, this time to Welton's Brewery which is on the industrial estate off Foundry Lane, near the station. Apparently this is an annual event so how it's passed me by so far I don't know. Anyway, I shirked my usual Friday evening responsibilities and got on the train.

I was a bit confused by the set-up, I imagined having to pay for entry to the event, or at least pay for the beer, but it was all free. A true piss-up in a brewery! Thanks Ray!

About 70 people were present and we were served Welton's Horsham Old as well as some bitter and porter. Music was suppied by the Broadwoods and morris dancers from Ewell appeared and did their thing.

Horsham Old (4.5%): pleasant and drinkable but flavourless
Horsham Bitter (3.8%): weak dishwatery beer (but maybe that's after drinking the Old)
Horsham Porter (8.1%): strong but no flavour to back up the alcohol

So to summarise, the idea was excellent (free beer, mmm), the company was good, the beer wasn't so great. I'm also a bit confused because according to, the Old and the bitter are brewed by Hepworth (another Horsham brewer) and the porter by Arundel. Do Welton's actually make any of their own beer?

In spite of drinking about six glasses (not full pints) of the old and two of the bitter, I managed to get the train back to London without incident.

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