Tuesday, 31 October 2006

The Churchillian, Cosham, Portsmouth 29th October 2006

Went out with a big group of friends for lunch to this large pub overlooking Portsmouth. The views were truly spectacular. The food was good. The beers were Ringwood Best, Adnam’s Broadside and Spitfire.

I chose a pint of the Ringwood Best (3.8%) to have before the meal and this was a good choice. Tasted lovely with a good bitter flavour although it was very cold, I’d say about 6ยบ, which although far too cold for beer somehow didn’t inhibit the flavour. Even my friend who doesn’t like beer said this one was ok!

Later I had a half of the Shepherd Neame Spitfire Ale (4.5%) and although it was served at a better temperature, it’s fruity flavour didn’t taste so good with what I was eating.

Nevertheless a pleasant pub with lovely scenery, good food and pleasant beer. If I ever find myself in Portsmouth again I may look it up.

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