Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Malt Shovel, Horsham 11th October 2007

This is great time of year to be a real ale drinker in Horsham. First there’s the Horsham Beer Festival, then there’s the Horsham Old beer festival at Welton’s brewery (see various previous posts), then you turn up at the Malt Shovel and starting tomorrow there’s a five week long beer drinking extravaganza, with shirts and glasses on offer if you drink enough different beers. Lovely.

Today I tasted:
Brakspear Bitter (3.4%): Revolting, so I took it back to the bar where I was told there had been a problem with some of the glasses. It was willingly exchanged for more of the same beer in a different glass, and then it was the lovely crisp session bitter I expected.
Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter: (4.0%): A decent pint of this distinctive and hoppy beer.
Hepworth's Iron Horse (4.8%): Tasty strong bitter with a thick hoppy flavour from this Horsham brewer.

As usual I was here for the traditional music session. I even managed to get the musicians to pose for a picture this time!

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