Monday, 1 October 2007

Beer blog anniversary 1st October 2007

Today marks the first anniversary of this beer blog. If anyone would like to comment on any aspect of the blog, please add a comment to this entry and let me know if there are pubs you would like to see added, beer reviews you disagree with or anything else (constructive please!) you’d like to say, even just a “hello” from wherever you are.


  1. Hello! Still reading and enjoying. I'd like to see more London pubs, but that's just because they're easier for me to get to :)

  2. Stinking Peasant8:44 pm

    I'd like to see lots more reviews of pubs that sell harveys........particularly the Foresters, Horsham and the Dun Horse, Mannings Heath.......

  3. Well done on your one year anniversary

  4. Ordinary9:53 pm

    Your blog looks like it takes up quite a bit of your time but it is worth reading, thank you. The photos are good too.