Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Britannia, Euston Station 20th October 2007

With some time to make my train connection I thought I’d have a quick half in the pub on Euston station.

I was so shocked by the service I received, I didn’t even write down what beer I got. I asked for a half, and although I could clearly see empty and apparently clean half glasses behind the bar, I was served in an unlined pint glass. When I asked why my drink wasn’t in a half glass I was told that there was none available.

I then said that I was happy to drink what I’d been given but I thought it might be illegal to sell beer in this fashion. The bar man, whose English wasn’t great, looked at me with horror, thought I was causing trouble, and ran to get the manager. She appeared and told him that he should have served the drink in a half glass, waived one at him, and ignored me. The beer was close to undrinkable anyway so I didn’t see what difference it made. I didn’t drink it.

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