Monday, 26 March 2007

Vinopolis, London Bridge 24th March 2007

Went wine tasting with a group of friends at Vinopolis in London.

For £21 we got a "how to taste wine" seminar, a taste of five wines, two beers, two absinthes, two whiskies and a Bombay cocktail.

The seminar was excellent although overcrowded and the man explaining had a very strong accent that was difficult to understand through the microphone he was using.

The wine tasting would have been much more enjoyable had there been less people but the absinthes and whiskies were excellent.

The Bombay cocktail was served in an area of the massive building that was like a nightclub, with blue lighting, white plastic walls and music playing. While this was presumably to set the scene, I found it rather intimidating.

Now, to the beer. There were two on offer, brewed in-house in Vinopolis's microbrewery within the Brew Wharf restaurant. They were served chilled to about 5 degrees, which seemed a little extreme, and they were both exceptionally cloudy.

Brew Wharf Best (4.2%): Brewed with Goldings hops. Strangely bitter over-hopped flavour and for £3.20 a pint in the restaurant, at this temperature and cloudiness, I'm surprised they sell any.
Brew Wharf Rebel (5.2%): Brewed with Fuggles hops and dry hopped with Cascade. Pleasant dark red cold beer with a rounded malt flavour and lots of strawy fuggles taste. £3.40 per pint in the restaurant should, as above, ensure none sells.

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