Saturday, 3 March 2007

The Blue Ship, The Haven, Billingshurst 1st March 2007

This interesting old pub served bitter on gravity. We were here to play in the music session but the front bar was so full we could hardly get a seat (two people were sitting in the fireplace), and I'm not convinced the regulars, some of whom were eating dinner, were terribly enthusiastic about the intrusion.

Badger King and Barnes' Sussex Bitter (3.5%): Having had this a couple of times before I wasn't expacting much. And I was pleasantly surprised; this was the first time that I can say this beer has tasted palatable. Still a long way from being a great pint.

Badger Best Bitter (4.0%): Tasty decent house bitter.

Having enjoyed a pint of Badger Best and played a few tunes, we didn't stay long.

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