Monday, 12 March 2007

The Malt Shovel, Horsham 8th March 2007

This was the last monthly music session in the Malt Shovel for the winter, for some complicated reason I don't fully understand to do with morris dancers.

Anyway, even though I was really tired and not in the mood for a night out, I thought I better make the effort.

Wood's Parish Bitter (4.0%): Delicious bitter with a crisp hoppy taste and mellow undertones. Refreshing.
Brakspear Bitter (3.4%): Absolutely revolting. Tastes like burnt hair. The first time in a long time I've taken a drink back to the bar. Apparently others were drinking it without complaint so maybe it was the glass.
Adnam's Bitter (3.7%): Tasty as ever although possibly a little past its best. Unlikely in this pub.
Flower's Original (4.3%): Creamy smooth with a very sweet thick and heavy aftertaste, with a hint of Caffreys and other smooth beers. The website suggests it is brewed by Badger. I can't imagine what they do to it.
Fuller's Gale's HSB (4.8%): Refreshing and far too drinkable for a 4.8% beer. Dangerous!
Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter (4.0%): Decent bitter but in no way reminiscent of how it tastes in Lewes.
Caledonian Deuchar's IPA (3.8): Tangy lemony light beer. Lovely.

Needless to say neither of the bar staff knew what the Brakspear was supposed to taste like when I took it back, but they were pleasant and happy to change it for me.

Another good evening out with lots of musicians, lots of listeners (who actually clapped), and plenty of free beer.

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