Thursday, 11 January 2007

Holland Tringham, Streatham 4th January 2007

After an unfortunate incident involving a full bottle of vodka and an enthusiastic 19 year old, I wasn't able to walk (the bottle having been inadvertently dropped on my toe). However I had to hobble to the chemist so, in order to rest my sore foot on the way back (and absolutely no other reason), it was necessary to have a short sit-down at the pub. During which I tested a few ales.

Cotleigh Tawny Owl (3.8%): Mediocre bitter served at a surprisingly good temperature for a Wetherspoon's. Only a little too cold! Just a shame this beer was flavourless.
Dorset Weymouth Harbour Master (3.6%): Delicious beer, maybe a little cold. Very drinkable; an excellent session bitter.
Okell's Aile Smoked Celtic Porter (4.8%): Very smooth oaky porter with a distinctive smokey flavour. A bit of an acquired taste but very pleasant especially the second half of the pint.

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