Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Selsey Arms, Coolham 9th May 2013

Once again I was out with the Broadwood Morris Men and tonight we were in Coolham, near Horsham.  The weather was awful but like true professionals (or idiots, depending on your point of view), the dancers persisted and got soaked to the skin. The musicians were slightly better off as they sheltered in the doorway. The photographer (me) also had to brave the downpour, but not for long.

Thwaites Lancaster Bomber (4.4%): Bit of an odd chemical taste to this strong bitter.
Sharp's Doom Bar (4.0%): Good but not excellent beer.
Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter (4.0%): At its usual stunning best.

I had a really nice time at this great pub that has somehow passed me by until now.  I don't often eat food in pubs but I'd missed dinner and the jacket potato was immense and delicious.  Chicken and bacon: highly recommended!

There was a good space for a music session (usually called a restaurant I'm guessing) and the staff were great too.  I will be coming back as this pub ticks all the boxes. Apart from being easy to get to.


  1. Marie A11:29 pm

    I've just found this blog while searching for the website for the Morris men.
    I work for the pub and was on the bar the evening you all came down. I would just like to say it was an absolute pleasure to have you all come down, even though the weather was atrocious!
    I had an absolutely fantastic night, and would love to see you all come back soon!
    I'm very glad to see you enjoyed your evening!

    1. My original comment has disappeared. But thanks Marie, I did pass your comments to the Morris men. Ruth