Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Jolly Tanners, Staplefield 2nd May 2013

The Broadwood Morris Men were out for a third day in a row so once again I found myself at a cozy watering hole drinking real ale and watching dancing. I had been promised a beer festival but unfortunately it didn't start until the following day, so I had to make do with trying four out of the six beers available at the bar.

Arundel Castle (3.8%): A little woolly but this was the very first drop out of the barrel. Ok but not great.
Wharfebank Tether Blond (4.1%): Pleasant golden ale without a particular hop taste. Good but not excellent.
Longman Old Man (4.3%): Very nice old with hints of black cherry and chocolate, almost like a stout, but with a good balance of hoppiness.
Waen Jenner's Pride (4.0%): Really good standard bitter. Very impressed.

I was very tired and wasn't at my best but the beers were excellent and I was sad not to be able to sample the festival beers sitting enticingly in the garden, untapped in their barrels.

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