Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Restaurant Terrace, Amberley Museum 7th April 2013

Hey, look, I'm back!

I just noticed that this blog is approaching 20,000 hits, which sounds like a big number, and I can see that people look at it every day. Amazing. There was me thinking I was putting together a list of all the beers I've drunk for my personal reference, and there's other people reading it.

So since I had some beer today I thought I'd post.  See if anyone reads this one!

Every year Amberley Museum holds a vintage car show in April and there is usually a beer to be found.

Ballard's Polar Bear Bitter (3.8%): Well I'm sure it's not normally called this but as the museum has been on a fundraising initiative to get this loco back on the rails, usually the beer has a train connection. This was a lovely light golden refreshing beer, without being obviously over hopped. A brave choice bearing in mind the recent weather but perfect for the day.

I believe that the restoration work on Polar Bear is almost complete and it is likely to be back very soon.

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