Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Dog and Bacon, Horsham 1st January 2009

As has become customary in my household, New Year's Day means drinking at the Dog and Bacon in Horsham.

Badger King and Barnes' Sussex Bitter (3.5%): Reasonable mellow drinking bitter. Quite a decent pint considering this isn't one of my favourites.
Badger Pickled Partridge (4.6%): This winter offering from Hall and Woodhouse starts like its going to be a deep rich beer but doesn't quite have the flavour to back it up.

A jolly start to the year with morris men, sword dancing, a traditional mummers play and some tunes and songs to finish. I attempted to capture the essence of the play in the photo, but to properly experience it you'll need to go to Rusper village on Boxing Day or of course come here next New Year's Day.

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  1. Can you answer a query about the Dog & Bacon. I've been told there was a memorial to a person called Clive Richardson in the pub at least before it was recently taken over. It may have been taken down in a refurb.
    Do you know anything about this beerblogger? I would like to find out if any regulars at the pub know about this person as he may be a family relation we haven't seen for a while and would like to check it out.