Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Royal Oak, Friday Street near Horsham 24th November 2007

I got the opportunity to come back to this pub rather sooner than expected (see post before last), to celebrate the end of the landlady's first year.

Although the pub was again full to bursting with customers, today they were amicable, even jolly, and the atmosphere was good.

Dark Star Sarah (and Clive's) Birthday Beer (4.7%): Solid tasty malty dark bitter. Very pleasant although a bit strong to start the evening.

Dark Star Best Bitter (4.0%): Very bitter tasting dark malty bitter.
Surrey Hills Ranmore Ale (3.8%): Delicate flowery hoppy beer.
Dark Star Smoke (5.0%): Dark smoky malty beer. A bit odd to start but it grows on you.

There was a fantastic buffet, morris dancing, a birthday cake and a traditional music session.

I'm very glad I came back and reassessed my view. An excellent pub.

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