Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Dog and Bacon, Horsham 12th July 2007

Once again I followed the local morris men and had a great evening out. This was the first time I felt truly well since my recent head injury and I was able to really enjoy a drink or three.

Badger King & Barnes' Sussex Bitter (3.5%): This was tasteless and therefore not especially bad or good, although not what I’m looking for in a beer to drink all night.
Badger Original Bitter (3.8%): Quite tasty, fruity, mellow bitter but there seems to be a gap in the flavour where the bitter sharpness of the hops doesn’t quite meet with the roundedness of the malt.
Badger Tanglefoot (4.9%): Tasty strong bitter, in fact slightly stronger than the flavour of the beer can handle. Definitely my pick of these three beers.

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