Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Brunswick Inn, Derby 7th July 2007

Had to go to Derby for a CAMRA meeting, which naturally was in a pub. I felt obliged to sample a few of the in-house brews and I wasn't disappointed.

Brunswick Mild (3.6%): Good smooth classic mild.
Brunswick Pilsner (5.5%): Very smooth light beer with a bitter taste.
Brunswick Triple Hop (4.0%): I think my expectations of this were a little high as I was hoping for a hoppy, IPA taste. Instead I got a mellow bitter golden coloured beer.
Brunswick The Usual (4.2%): Tangy malty beer.

The beer was good (and so cheap to a southerner), the food was good, the staff were very pleasant and I enjoyed the meeting. It was a long round trip for a day but a fairly hassle-free train route.

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