Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Lynd Cross, Horsham 4th February 2007

Somehow after yesterday's nine pints, I summoned up the enthusiasm to sample a couple of beers while in the local Wetherspoon's eating some cake (as you do).

Itchen Valley Winchester Ale (4.2%): Tasty light beer with a distinct hop flavour. The staff had lost the pump clip and couldn't tell me the name of the brewer, so when I wrote the below I didn't know it was the same!
Itchen Valley Godfathers (3.8%): Another light beer, very similar in taste to the Winchester although suffering slightly from the lower alcohol content. Could this be from the same brewery?

The half of Godfathers was the shortest drink I've ever been served. If it hadn't already been carried from the bar and I hadn't had a hangover, I'd have mustered the energy to complain.

Although the beer was cheap, the tables were sticky and children were screaming. Not really a comfortable pub atmosphere for a quiet drink. The cake was good though!

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