Monday, 26 February 2007

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes 24th February 2007

Travelled out to Lewes for a serious pub crawl. With only the Good Beer Guide 2005 to guide us, we planned to visit at least the five pubs in Lewes contained within.

We started at the brewery shop as Harvey's itself isn't open for tours until June, and with some guidance from the helpful staff, began the drinking at the John Harvey.

Harvey's Kiss (4.8%): Interesting light hoppy beer but with a tangy fresh taste. Might be on the way out.
Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter (4.0%): What a stonking pint! Reminiscent of King & Barnes (RIP) in Horsham or Morrell's (also RIP) in Oxford. Just shows how much better beer is when drunk at source.
Harvey's Hadlow Bitter (3.5%): Flat IPA, tasteless after the Sussex.
Harvey's Armada Ale (4.5%): Delicious bitter with a lovely crisp hoppy taste.

We thought it was important to try a few different beers here in case we got too drunk later to appreciate their subtle differences.

An excellent pub with excellent beer and excellent food. So good the conversation turned to moving to Lewes...

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