Friday, 15 April 2011

The Holbrook Club, Horsham 15th April 2011

This is a members' club in Horsham but there are often opportunities to visit, should you wish. Tonight there was a murder mystery play on so I thought I'd investigate.

King Brighton Blonde (3.9%): Mellow golden ale with a smooth mouthfeel and pleasant hoppy aftertaste.
King Spring Ale (4.1%): Pleasant and refreshing although maybe a little bland.
King Horsham Best (3.8%): Delicious straw hoppiness to this classy bitter.

There was also some Hammerpot (Woodcote Bitter) but it ran out as I got to the bar.

The club has recently brought in a two-tier pricing structure (members and non-members) so if you're going to drink here a lot it might pay to join! It's nowhere near the ambience of a pub but the beer is usually good.

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