Friday, 17 April 2009

The Hurst Arms, Eastbourne 17th April 2009

I was trying to get to the Star which apparently I was within yards of, but it was extremely dark and raining and I didn't fancy negotiating the adjacent supermarket carpark to find it, so I headed up the hill to the Hurst Arms.

This was a delightful local Harvey's pub, with a good variety of Harvey's beers and a good variety of clientele. Including, of course, a collection of CAMRA members.

Harvey's Dark Mild (3.0%): Tasty mild, very similar in flavour to the Sussex Best Bitter. I think it's the Sussex XX Mild by another name.
Harvey's Hadlow Bitter (3.5%): Just not strong enough to hit the spot, even after starting with the weaker beer.
Harvey's Armada Ale (4.5%): Pleasant bitter, very drinkable with a very bitter taste.

A very friendly and inviting pub. As I walked in the door, the lady behind the bar proffered a piece of kitchen towel to clean my glasses, as they were so steamed up. Exactly what a glasses-wearer needs at that moment! The service couldn't have been better and we happily stayed until closing.

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