Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Stanley Arms, Portslade 15th September 2007

We turned up to find a beer festival in full swing. What a delight! There was also a barbeque in the back garden so we stocked up on sausages, burgers and salad which went down well with the beer.

Kemptown Kemp Town (4.0%): Just had to have a taste of this to make sure Wednesday was not a one-off (see The Hand In Hand, Brighton 12th September 2007) and again, it tasted bad. Not like off beer this time, but distinctly of fag ash. Maybe there’s a new secret ingredient.
Goddard's Ale of Wight (3.7%): A mellow yet hoppy pale golden ale.
Langham Hip Hop (4.0%): A very drinkable light golden beer but with far less hoppiness than the name suggests.
Langham Halfway to Heaven (3.5%): Pleasant bitter but slightly lacking in the flavour department.
Hop Back Hopfest (4.6%): The hoppiest beer I’ve ever tasted from the UK although not quite at the level of some of the new IPAs from America. Tasty and bitter but I’m not sure I could manage a whole pint.

This really is my kind of pub. The staff and management were friendly, the beer was good, the food we had was good and the standard menu also looked appetising. Of course a beer festival on the day of our visit may have enhanced my impression.

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