Friday, 17 August 2007

The Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs 16th August 2007

I was determined to return to this pub before the end of the week as it was my favourite by far in the town. Although on my previous visit the beer hadn't been great, the atmosphere and staff made up for this.

Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack (3.8%): Slightly honey flavoured very weak tasting yet pleasant beer.

An acoustic duo called "Table Nine" were playing Simon and Garfunkel and Beatles covers as well as original material and we stayed for some time at the bar, as all the seats were taken.

The excellent barbeque was going at the front of the pub and we were offered chocolate mice by the bar staff (but declined). We had a good time chatting to the staff and locals, a pleasant change from some of the other pubs in town. And the beer was good.

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