Friday, 4 May 2007

The Star, Rusper, near Horsham 1st May 2007

After leaving the village stores the morris men, musicians and bemused followers adjourned to the Star across the road for a few beers and some tunes.

Fullers London Pride (4.1%): Pleasant, hoppy and very fresh.
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Ale (4.5%): Compared with the other beers I've tasted today, this tastes very strongly of honey.
Greene King Abbot Ale (5.0%): Very strong bitter tasting beer with not much flavour. Disappointing.

Badger King and Barnes' Sussex Bitter (3.5%): I wasn't expecting much but this is probably the best I've tasted this beer. Served rather cold but with a good flavour and refreshing too.

The London Pride and Spitfire ran out (what with all those thirsty dancers) so we had no choice but to try the Sussex and the Abbot.

After a long music session and plenty of beer, the party wended its way to Lyne House, once home to Lucy Broadwood (see previous entry, the Plough, Rusper).

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